Real Estate Investments

A home for real estate investments

S.L.K.M. Ltd. specializes in income producing real estate projects in Israel and around the world in collaboration with tier-1 companies. The company frequently redevelops the properties it acquires, substantially increasing their value.

The company acquires and redevelops diverse properties, including commercial centers, apartment blocks, and hotels. Investing in income producing real estate offers a two-fold profit from the increased valuation over time and from regular rental income.

Reliability, Transparency &  Dedication…

The company’s reliability, transparency, dedication, and vast experience in real fields, combined with its skill in analyzing the feasibility of an investment, allows it to locate the right opportunities – by region, building size, and properties with the highest potential – which have yielded and will yield high returns for the company and its partners.

For each project, the company draws up a comprehensive strategic and marketing plan that includes analysis of current and projected prices, the market conditions, and, of course, the property’s potential yield.

Sample projects