About S.L.K.M.

Boutique real estate

Welcome to S.L.K.M. Ltd, a company that specializes in the development, marketing, financing, and in investment and management of residential and income-producing properties in Israel and around the world.

S.L.K.M. initiates and develops projects of the highest standards characterized by meticulous planning and with the optimal mix of the development and construction components. The company is engaged in a wide range of projects, including residential buildings, hotels, shopping centers, commercial centers, neighborhoods, and high-density construction. S.L.K.M. frequently collaborates with Israeli and foreign tier-1 companies.

The vast experience, quality, meticulous attention to every detail, and integrity that characterize S.L.K.M. and its staff, have consistently resulted in success, reflected in the great satisfaction of the projects’ residents and the handsome returns for the company’s investors.

Our story

S.L.K.M. was founded in 2006 by two childhood friends, Shachar Lemkin and Kfir Maimon, after they gained extensive experience and a track record in real estate locally and abroad.

Kfir Maimon previously served as the CEO of K. Maimon Real Estate Projects Development and Marketing Ltd. and of D.L.K.M. Investments Ltd. Both companies were engaged in the development, construction, and marketing of hundreds of housing units in the Sharon – one of Israel’s fastest developing and most popular regions in recent years.

Shachar Lemkin, an attorney by training, previously served as the CEO of public real estate companies listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, which were engaged in the development and construction of very large-scale projects. As CEO of BSR Europe Ltd., Lemkin was responsible for the construction of thousands of housing units, shopping centers, commercial centers, and office complexes in Central and Eastern Europe.

A warm home – just for you

The collaboration of Kfir Maimon and Shachar Lemkin at S.L.K.M. brings together extensive experience in a range of fields and a thorough understanding of the real estate industry, expressed in their ability to analyze the current market and potential yields. The two executives instill business and human values that every one of the top-quality and experienced employees of S.L.K.M. applies – in every project, we scrupulously maintain transparency, rapid response, timeliness, and commitment.