Income producing real estate

The acquisition of income producing real estate following meticulous market analysis – to obtain high yields

S.L.K.M. Ltd. specializes in income producing real estate projects in Israel and around the world in collaboration with tier-1 companies. The company frequently redevelops the properties it acquires, substantially increasing their value.

The company’s vast experience in a range of real estate fields, combined with its skill in analyzing the feasibility of an investment, allows it to locate the best opportunities for acquiring income producing real estate.

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Apartment complex, Johannesburg, South Africa

The project includes 48 housing units in two buildings

Project scale: 4,500 sq.m.

Total investment: NIS 15 million

Construction: 2015-14

Commercial center and office buildings – Savyon, Israel

The project includes the acquisition from AFI Group of a real estate project located in the heart of the prestigious Tel Aviv suburb of Savyon. The project includes a commercial center and two office buildings – Beit Vertex and Beit Harofim. S.L.K.M. will add 1,000 sq.m. to the current commercial center and will build a new, large, and magnificent commercial center anchored by a supermarket and with restaurants, cafes, fashion houses, a deli, and other stores.

Project scale: 5,500 sq.m.

Total investment: NIS 80 million

Construction: 2015-18

Park Hotel, Prague, Czech Republic

The project is a partnership in a four-star 240-room hotel

Project scale: 10,000 sq.m.

Total investment: NIS 50 million

Construction: 2014-15

Residential building – London, UK

The project involved the purchase of a property and its conversion in a residential building with 15 apartments

Total investment: NIS 5 million

Construction: 2012-14