Residential real estate

A warm home you can trust

S.L.K.M. Ltd. specializes in initiating and building high-quality residential projects from start to finish, from the purchase of the land, through the planning, and to the handing over the keys of a fully equipped apartment to the buyer. The company handles the construction and installation of all the systems, the development work, and finishing.

The company frequently redevelops the properties it acquires, substantially increasing their value.

The company’s vast experience in a range of real estate fields, combined with its skill in analyzing the feasibility of an investment, allows it to locate the best opportunities for acquiring income producing real estate.

Sample projects in Israel

Ramat Amir, Kadima-Zoran

The project includes 132 apartments in four buildings of the highest standard and quality. S.L.K.M. developed and managed the project from the purchase of the land, through the planning, and to the handing over the keys to the buyers.

Project scale: 20,000 sq.m.

Total investment: NIS 160 million

Construction: 2007-11

Le Mond Project, Tel Mond

The project includes the development and construction of a new neighborhood with 52 housing units, including apartments and individual houses.

Project scale: 12,000 sq.m.

Total investment: NIS 140 million

Construction: 2010-15

Apartments, Kadima

The project includes the development and construction of 14 housing units in the town of Kadima.

Project scale: 2,500 sq.m.

Total investment: NIS 25 million

Construction: 2015-18

The Sharon

The development and construction of hundreds of housing units in the towns of Even Yehuda, Kadima, and Tel Mond.

** Under the management of Kfir Maimon, the CEO of K. Maimon Real Estate Projects Development and Marketing Ltd. and of D.L.K.M. Investments Ltd.

Apartment complex, Johannesburg, South Africa

The project includes 48 housing units in two buildings

Project scale: 4,500 sq.m.

Total investment: NIS 15 million

Construction: 2015-14

Foreign projects

  • The construction of a 100,000-sq.m. mixed use project in Bratislava, Slovakia
  • Construction of a 30,000-sq.m. shopping center in Limossol, Cyprus
  • Construction of a 2,500-unit residential project in Krakow, Poland
  • Construction of a 30,000-sq.m. office complex in Budapest, Hungary
  • Construction of a 10,000-sq.m. office building in Bucharest, Romania

** Under the management of Shachar Lemkin, CEO, BSR Europe.

Timeframe: 2000-06